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PRS HDRX 50 - 50-Watt Guitar Amp Tube Head

Paul Reed Smith

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- 50W tube guitar amplifier head based on a vintage British non-master-volume amplifier
- Heavily inspired by Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock-era amp
- Late-1960s tube configuration: 3 JJ ECC803S preamp tubes; 2 New Sensor EL34EH power tubes
- Custom-designed Straight Edge output transformer lends an in-your-face quality to your playing
- 100W power supply mirrors the sound of the original 100W amplifier
- Incredible dynamic range — achieve everything from clean chime to crunchy grime by altering picking pressure
- Updated power supply and filament design safeguards against unwanted hum and hiss
- Familiar 3-band equalizer gives you ample tone shaping
- 3-way bright switch and High Mid Gain switch offer further sonic customization
- Presence control for dialing in your upper harmonics
- Internally bridged channels eliminates the need for external jumping
- Per-channel Volume controls for easy blending of channels

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