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NuX Time Core Deluxe Stereo Multi-Delay Pedal

NuX Time Core Deluxe Stereo Multi-Delay Pedal


  • 9900

7 Delay Modes

Tape - Saturated repeats, a tape machine touchDigital - Crystal clear repeats, best if you use any other modulation effectsAnalog - Simulates the BBD algorithm and every repeat of the sound reusing the previous repeat. It comes down to personal taste.Ping Pong - Repeats will bounce on left and right. Stereo output connection recommended.Pan - Repeats have a pan algorithm and it will bounce from left to middle and then to right. Stereo output connection recommended.Reverse - Repeats will play backward. You can explore the dark side of the moon!Hold - 40 seconds loop station

Tap TempoHold down the switch for 2 seconds to engage tap tempoLooping Function40 seconds of looping time

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